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HydroFILL Pro

by Horizon
Price £675.00

This product is available from the Horizon Fuel Cell Online Store

The HydroFILL Pro system is designed to refill Horizon's HydroSTIK and HydroSTIK Pro solid hydrogen cartridges automatically, using a high performance water-based system, from which hydrogen is extracted. 60W DC power will produce 10 litres of hydrogen in 4 hours, enough to fill one HydroSTIK cartridge. The HydroFILL produces and stores hydrogen in a safe, solid form using special metal alloys contained in the HydroSTIK cartridges.

For those on a budget the HydroFILL may be a better choice for first-time refilling.

HydroFILL Brochure
HydroFILL Manual
HydroFILL PRO Datasheet



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