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A student getting to grips with fuel cell technology at the London Schools Hydrogen Challenge 2013 final

Arcola Energy’s science and technology workshops, run by expert practitioners, explore renewable energies hydrogen and fuel cells and the possibilities that they offer for a low-carbon future. Over 5000 people have participated to date.

London Schools Hydrogen Challenge Website

Aberdeen Schools Hydrogen Challenge Website

“It is vital that London school pupils gain hands on experience of the latest technologies and the science involved, if they are to become the innovators of tomorrow creating future growth and jobs in London through their entrepreneurial minds.”
Kit Malthouse, Deputy Mayor for Business and Enterprise at the 2013 final of the London Schools Challenge

"I really enjoyed making the lego cars because it was very fun. Also, I found it interesting how hydrogen can be used to power vehicles without fossil fuels such as oil. From this workshop I learnt how hydrogen is separated using the small device and then stored so that it can be used to power the car."
Student at Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls

"I thought the session was a success. The students really enjoyed the competition and everyone had some success.  I think that it was quite an open challenge which suited the students that took part. The staff were also good at talking to the students and the students responded well to them."
Teacher at Ashcroft Technology Academy

Workshops can be delivered in a range of formats including: 
Schools Hydrogen Challenge - for cities and regions
Schools Hydrogen Workshop - for pupils at key stage 1 to 4
Science Festival - specialist workshop programmes
Public Events - creative science for indoor and outdoor events

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