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AutoPAK for Electric Vehicles

Turnkey Hydrogen Fuel Cell Solution powering the Riversimple V1 and Microcab's H2EV - Prices from £15,000

Engineering Services

System design, build, integration, validation and support

Portable Power

Clean, Quiet Power on Demand

Arcola Energy for Schools

Innovative and inspirational workshops using renewable energy technologies to design, build, and explore the possibilities of a low-carbon future. Prices from £250

Welcome to Arcola Energy

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems Designed, Integrated and Deployed.

Arcola Energy is active in a wide range of fuel cell application markets including education, portable power, transport and stationary.

We are also the National Representatives and lead European Engineering Projects for Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, the world's largest volume producer of PEM fuel cells up to 1000W.

24 Ashwin Street, London, E8 3DL, United Kingdom +44 20 7503 1386

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